You Weren’t Born This Way

There are reasons why you are the way you are now, but you’re probably so exhausted by trying to cope that you have no real idea how all this happened.

Butterflies represent transformation
see them as the bad thoughts leaving your mind

The thing with stress and anxiety is that it grows on you, there is a sliding scale: stress, strain, anxiety, acute anxiety, depression, and it’s so easy to slide down that scale without realising that you joined it in the first place.

You start as a perfectly normal person, coping with your everyday life, then suddenly you feel frightened, tired, anxious about the smallest things, and you have to turn the light on and off 3 times every time you use it in case some bad, unknowable thing happens if you don’t.

Journal to take control

Find the Reasons

Forget everything else that anyone says about you and your state of mind, and start keeping a journal noting what’s happened to you in the past, and what’s happening now.

It’s really important that you understand this yourself, and don’t take other people’s words for what happened. It doesn’t matter what would or would not affect them, or how they perceive your life, how they think they would have handled, or handle, it, it only matters that you have been affected by it.

Trust Yourself First

You may not feel like a highly reliable person as you cower under the bed clothes unwilling to face another day, because life is just too much, but you are the authority on yourself, and you need to respect that idea.

I was constantly told I was an idiot, and when I went through this process I’m suggesting to you, I was stunned by how many real things had happened. It was years later that someone who had known me almost my entire life told me that I’d had the hardest life emotionally of anyone they’d ever met, and I didn’t deserve a moment of it. Hold on to that idea too.


  • Create a journal, focus on what has happened to you, but be bland about it, don’t get into the emotions, look for the facts.
  • Then start writing in that journal daily, note where you’ve struggled, what has happened, and how you felt about it.

None of this is negative, this is information, it is knowledge, it is power. Just don’t use the journal as an excuse to dwell on what’s happened. If you dwell on the past it becomes your present and carries the attitudes, feelings, and decisions, that will become your future.

“The past isn’t just over, it literally no longer exists.” Gregg Braden

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Myth Buster and Spiritual Mentor. Author of "Who am I, Where am I, What is this place? Available from Amazon. Public speaker, spiritual life coach. I bust the myths that hold you back in life, and bring a new dimension to personal change. I also believe in world peace through individual happiness, and work to create as many happy and positive people as I can in order to spread a virus that helps the future.

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