7 Billion People and…

This is only a few thousand!

…not one of them is perfect!

The God Complex

When I was first told I had this I felt really insulted, I do believe in God and to be told that I had a God complex was horrifying. However, my counsellor explained to me that it was a way of describing someone who tried to be too perfect all the time, and was wearing themselves out doing it. That was me to a T!

This often comes from situations where you’re asked to please someone, then that’s not good enough, so you try harder but could still do better, and however hard you try the goal posts just keep moving. Many of us have had a parent, friend, or boss like that I think. This makes you try so hard to be a good person that you’re guaranteed to fail, and that destroys your confidence in you. Just ponder on this for a moment..

There are 7 billion people on this planet and not one of them is perfect.

Even the best had their detractors, Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa. Yes there was those who found all these wonderful, amazing, courageous people wanting. Buddha’s dad was not impressed when he walked out of a palace in order to find enlightenment.

If you think about things in this way, you may find it easier to forgive yourself when things go wrong; easier to mess up sometimes; possible to keep your sense of self despite your humanity…or maybe because of it.

I’ll leave you with something I use as a healing mantra for many reasons, but when I fall short of my own standards is one of them:

Ho Oponopono

This is a Hawaiian healing mantra that you can find out all about on the internet, suffice it to say that it’s something you use at difficult times, sometimes when it’s not even your fault. It heals and clears the energy around you, amongst other things. I encourage you to study it.

I apologise
Forgive me
Thank you
I love you

You can send this to another person, and to yourself at the same time. It might feel odd to do so if someone else upset or insulted you, but if you have to see them again it will help to change the energy between you, and it recognises the humanity of both of you.

Sometimes if I stress myself out I put both hands on my heart and repeat that mantra 3 times (the power of 3), and I feel the stress leave me as I apologise to my body and mind for allowing the stress to take hold.

Give it a try! It might work and anything that works is good, especially if it’s simple.

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Myth Buster and Spiritual Mentor. Author of "Who am I, Where am I, What is this place? Available from Amazon. Public speaker, spiritual life coach. I bust the myths that hold you back in life, and bring a new dimension to personal change. I also believe in world peace through individual happiness, and work to create as many happy and positive people as I can in order to spread a virus that helps the future.

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