Writing a Crazy Book

Just a quick aside. I have an alter-ego called Mildred Scrunge, where the idea came from I don’t know, but I am a creative writer. Mildred is a law unto herself, refuses to conform with anything or anyone, and lives life by her own terms.

What I find therapeutic about her is that she forces me to look at life in a different way, more importantly she used to force me out of my acute anxiety in order to make her funny.

Sometimes, when you’re feeling low you need to think about different ways to help yourself. I started with poetry, some of which I will put on here, some of which I tore up years later because I couldn’t bear to have in writing how awful I used to feel. I moved on to plays, then self-help books. However, I’m having far more fun channelling my crazy alter-ego than I was doing anything else.

What is something totally different that you’ve always wanted to do? It might be the time to grit your teeth, screw your courage to the sticking post, find your stubborn gene, and try it. You might think that you haven’t got the energy, but in truth it’s staying with the old habits, old thoughts, and old ways of being that is draining your energy. However, small it is, try something different!

Be adventurous


Published by debdancingstarhawken7

Myth Buster and Spiritual Mentor. Author of "Who am I, Where am I, What is this place? Available from Amazon. Public speaker, spiritual life coach. I bust the myths that hold you back in life, and bring a new dimension to personal change. I also believe in world peace through individual happiness, and work to create as many happy and positive people as I can in order to spread a virus that helps the future.

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