I’m an author, columnist for Spirit & Destiny Magazine, spiritual mentor (I prefer that term to coach), and psychic medium. I’m also an award winning public speaker. As you can see, I’ve not just changed my life I’ve transformed it, and I did that by transforming me, most especially the way I think about and react to life. I started by discovering a personal, practical, spiritual path that offered me an entirely different viewpoint on life, but I really took off when I discovered Quantum Physics, Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden, and how my mind and body work together to create my reality.

So this nervous, anxious, self-worth- free space, turned into a professional public speaker, with two degrees and a black belt – sadly retired. I’m an inspirational speaker, able to stand up on a stage and speak off the cuff for 45 minutes. I don’t tell you this to impress you, I tell you to show you what you too can achieve if you wish, in your own way, under your own terms. Because when I tell you that I was broken, had zero self-worth or self-confidence, and had considered suicide, I am telling you the absolute truth. The other truth is that something as simple as two kittens helped me to survive and thrive, the first change can be that easy – something important to you that you need to care for.

The most important truth though is that there is nothing special about me, the only thing I had going for me was a love of life, a belief that I was supposed to be here, and a stubborn streak that wasn’t going to let anyone beat me, or take this life away from me. I was right, life is wonderful when you own your own mind, make your own rules, and only listen to those with your best interests at heart. If you begin by removing people from your life who undermine you, you will be onto a very good start.

If you need my help, message me. I run groups and do private mentoring, but I prefer the groups because they create a tribe that thinks the way you do. I’ve shared a little of my story below, but remember, yours is the more important story that we need to work with!

This basically sums me up
and if you’re here looking for answers it sums you up to!
The best revenge is living well – George Herbert
(Looking back won’t solve anything)
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From Acute Anxiety to a Dancing Star

“One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a Dancing Star”

Whilst I don’t believe one must have chaos in oneself, if you are a maelstrom of confusion you may just as well use it as fuel to give birth to your best self!

A Difficult Birth

My journey of anxiety began the day I was born. My mother and I nearly died that day, and I was told three things about it afterwards, when I was old enough to remember. My father’s first words to me were “Oh you, it’s all your fault!” My mothers were “Very nice, now take it away”. The surgeon asked my father that if he could only save one of us, which should he save. My father said “My wife of course.” I don’t disagree with him, but I also don’t believe that a 10 year old girl should have been told that.

I once asked my aunt why I was so anxious, and she said that I was a bundle of nerves by the time I was two years old. There were various reasons but I discovered the main one when I was in my 20s. I was chatting to dad and he told me that when I was born they wanted to bring up the perfect child, so they were really hard on me. When my brother was born they realised that was wrong, so they eased up on him. Of course I hadn’t known that, but to add insult to injury he got away with everything that I never would, and that was hard to watch. I asked dad why they didn’t ease up on me then? He said he didn’t know, they just didn’t. That did not help.


By the time I was 26 everything in my life was completely wrong. My father had forced me into a career I hated (that happened in the 1970s). There I met a man that I stupidly married, he turned out to be a psychopath who did everything in his power to undermine and destroy me. The day I told him that if he spoke to his mother like that again I would tip his Sunday lunch over his head, and he went white, was the day I knew I’d won. My family were enjoying my misery far too much, under the guise of supporting me, my colleagues found me fearful and boring, and my friends wondered what the heck happened.

Enter Keith Macfarlane, and later Lesley Kiefer; two people who have my eternal gratitude. Keith taught me so much that I didn’t know about life, and together they put my feet firmly on a spiritual path. My life changed in that moment. The kind of spiritual path I’m referring to is one where you decide what you think about life, the universe, and everything. Where you actively and deliberately reject your past programming, and become the person you want to be. Joe Dispenza added the ‘how’ to that, and it’s so incredibly easy – if you’re willing to meditate – that I honestly believe I could have reduced 35 years of study to 6 weeks, had he not waited until 2012 to write the book! However, from day one my life got better everyday, and I mentioned some of the positives at the top.

“Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” book and CD set. Joe Dispenza. Available from his website, or Amazon.

If you want a simple book for inspiration to help you change your life, try mine. It’s written from my experience and offers you different ways to think about, and approach life. My readers tell me that it’s a lovely dip-in-and-out book, and one reconnected to her spirit guides after years of feeling disconnected, whilst she was reading it. That I did not expect.

So…Enough About Me

I don’t want to go further with my story, I just wanted to give you a flavour of my life because it helps to know that the person trying to help you has insight into how it feels to be frightened, broken, worthless. We all do the best we can as the person we are at the time, it’s the new information that’s the game changer, and no one can act on what they don’t yet know.

The important story here is yours, and this blog and the rest of my work are focused on two things:

* Your divine right to happiness
* Your recovery

Trust, believe, learn, change, succeed!

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