Being Anxious

As if it’s something you choose?! When I suffered from acute anxiety I was often treated as if it was a choice, a switch I could just turn off and everything would be okay. I’d be less of a pain in the butt. It surprised me that those around me didn’t realise that if thereContinue reading “Being Anxious”

The Lost Generation?

This blog is aimed at young people who may be struggling with the interruption to their lives that the Pandemic has caused. I hope there is something useful here.

Everyday Life During a Pandemic

Coping with everyday anxiety can be harder when you have someone telling you how hard it all is, and we have more people doing that during this pandemic than ever before. To me you’re a hero.

Festive Stress

Anxiety isn’t helped by the festive season, you may have to see too many people, go to places or events you’d rather avoid, or simply don’t have the energy to cope with all the extra work that comes with relaxing and enjoying a huge meal and time with your loved ones and friends. What toContinue reading “Festive Stress”

Loss of Momentum

If you’ve been reading this blog you’ll probably have realised by now that there’s been about a 3 month silence after the initial rush of enthusiam. I’ve found throughout my life that I’m given to wild splashes of activity followed by completely forgetting that I was doing this thing in the first place. Case inContinue reading “Loss of Momentum”

Unprecedented Times

During this most unusual of years I’ve watched social media carefully, as I do. It’s the place where I get most of my inspiration, and learn about how many ways people can find to upset and stress themselves, and others. For those suffering with anxiety and depression, social media is often not a good placeContinue reading “Unprecedented Times”


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