I originally started this blog to focus specifically on stress and anxiety as, together with depression, it’s the fastest growing illness in the western world today, and I wanted to make quick, clear, inspiration, readily available.

However, life moves on and I now want to focus specifically on means and methods for changing your life, taken from my life experience of moving past and then eradicating anxiety and depression in a real way. yes I still struggle when I’m low, but I know what to do and I know that it works for me. I want to share that with you – might help, can’t hurt.

Now I’ll introduce you to my spiritual journey, some of my miracles, and how they helped me to become the person that I am. The saying below is why I’m known as Deb Dancing Star. I don’t necessarily agree that you have to have chaos inside, but if you do you can certainly use it to create the person you want to be, and the life of your dreams. Your troubles can be your greatest teacher. Deb

“One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star”


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